Service of providing newsletters to subscribers

Published on Monday, 28 April 2014


Service of providing newsletters to subscribers

This service allows users to receive via e-mail free newsletters about current products, offers, news and other events related to MONTING SK and that would be of interest to users. Once a user's e-mail address is entered and the user's acknowledgment of the subscription is recorded, the provided user's e-mail address is automatically added to the mailing list for future newsletters until registering a received user's request to unsubscribe from newsletters.

The user may unsubscribe from this service as follows (three manners are available):


Privacy Policy

The company is committed not to forward, sell or lend any e-mail address to a third party, without notice and obtaining written consent of the individual. Information on individual will be processed only in the context of the above-mentioned purposes of collection. E-mail and messages will be sent only to subscribers to newsletters or individuals who otherwise agreed to receive them.