Completed investment for two new machines

The company MONTING SK is following the highest technological standards, which aim to provide customers the highest level of quality. New advanced equipment enable us to produce complex products at more competitive prices. Because of this, the company in the second half of 2015 completed the following investments in the new technological equipment:

  • Modern water jet machine, which is the only one in this region of such dimensions with XD-cutting head, which enables multi-axial cutting angle up to 60°. Depending on customer requirements, accuracy and quality of the cut surfaces we can do many different qualities of cut. The cutter can practically cut any material until 300 mm thickness and dimensions of panels up to 6 x 2 meters. The machine also has an accessory to cut brittle materials such as glass, ceramic, marble, granite, stone and so on.
  • Table sandblasting machine enable us sandblast welded parts, castings and other workpieces for the parts until diameter Ø1600 mm, height of the 1000 mm and a maximum workpiece weight of up to 1,000 kg. The machine is very productive with minimal operator effort. You put the workpiece in the machine on the table and the machine will automatically sandblast the piece in the blasting camber. The machine enables high quality blasting at competitive prices.

The company already intensive thinks to invest in the new technological equipment. Plan is to purchase large lathes for workpiece sizes up to Ø1.500 x 4,500 mm, new laser measuring equipment and the purchase of a new machine for the calibration of tools.


IMG 4173Waterjet machine FLOW Mach4


IMG 4161Table sandblasting machine GostolTST



* there is not possible to cut materials, which cannot be in contact with water and very hard materials, like diamond. Also it is not possible to cut tempered glass.

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