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The MONTING SK main activity is metal processing and production of special steel constructions. We are in particular specialised in mechanical engineering equipment lines of high technology for the production of rock and glass isolation wool, such as cupola and muffle furnaces, centrifuges, cleaning brushes, smoothing conveyors, saws, incineration chambers, curing ovens, waste chain conveyors and other equipment. In addition, we provide services and manufacture of large, heavy and/or complex components and assemblies for machine engineering holders in various fields, such as pulp and paper industry, turbines and hydro mechanical equipment, iron and steel industry, mining, chemical industry, etc.

Most of the revenue is generated in foreign markets, directly or indirectly as subcontractors. The main markets are EU countries, Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Generally we have no barriers to do business anywhere in the world.

Currently we employ about 65 people of different profiles from metal related professions, a quarter thereof have a college or university degree. Our employees are also constantly trained and thus their knowledge being perfected as from our point of view, only professional and highly skilled workers are one of the most important factors that contribute to the company's success.


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