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Knez SilvesterSilvester Knez, founder & company coowner (photo: FINANCE)Goals for the future are: further refinement and modernisation of mechanical engineering equipment of high technology, investing a part of gains in the development of new own products and innovative solutions and enhancements to existing products.

Our goal is moderate growth, in particular in terms of increasing the added value and expanding our production, but in a manageable way. We wish to independently master projects and to ensure to our customers only the highest quality and the agreed delivery due terms.

As highlighted, our goal is expanding our production facilities. To this end, in 2013 we purchased approx. 7.500 m2 of building land on which in 2014 we have started the construction of three manufacturing facilities, namely:

  • Assembly hall of approx. 1.600 m2 surface and a warehouse intended for the composition and testing of technological equipment supplied to our customers
  • Hall intended for blasting all kinds of materials and painting in conditions that comply with the highest standards
  • Hall intended for cutting materials by means of plasma, waterjet, laser, etc.


The investment in these facilities is expected to be completed in 2015. Hence, quality management of undertaken production process, from cutting to assembly of major projects. Above all, there will be no more need for improvisation; the working conditions of all employees as well as the company's productivity and thus our competitiveness in the global market will be improved. Parallel with this investment, in order to gain greater competitive advantage in the manufacture of the most demanding equipment we have purchased a modern machine tool, i.e. 5-axis combined turning-milling machine centre OKUMA VTM-1200YB for workpieces up to Ø1200 x 1000 mm.

Up to now, we have invested a substantial portion of the profits in facilities and machinery. Now, it is necessary to invest it in particular in the development and expertise due to price wars in the global market. Our future is in developing own tech products manufactured by means of our modern technological equipment.

April 2014

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