MONTING SK has a wide range of machine tools and other industrial equipment which covers most of its own needs in engineering and in the provision of external services:


Sheet metal processing:

  • CNC flame and plasma cutting machine (thickness of cutting of 250/50 mm, max. size of panels of 2500 x 8000 mm), 3D beveling head
  • CNC sheet metal bending machine 320T/4000 mm
  • Circular sheet metal wrapping machinery (thickness up to approx. 25mm and width up to 2500 mm)
  • Shears for cutting sheet metal (thickness up to 15 mm, cutting length up to 2500 mm)
  • Waterjet with 3D head (table size 6000 x 2000mm)


Welding equipment:

  • 6-axis welding robot with a range of R = 2000 mm + turning device
  • Submerged arc welding equipment (flat welds and welding wrapped sheet metal up Ø4000 mm)
  • Other electric arc welding equipment, MAG, MIG, TIG welding
  • Rotary welding tables for loads up to 8 tons


CNC drilling-milling machines Bohrwerk:

  • TOS WHQ 13 CNC (5000 x 2500 mm)
  • TOS WRD 130Q (8000 x 3000 mm), rotary table 2500 x 2000 mm, 30 tons
  • FERMAT WFT 13 CNC (3000 x 2500), rotary table 1600 x 1800 mm, 15 tons
  • LOLA BH 110 (1700 x 1450 mm)
  • LOLA BH 90D (1400 x 1200 mm)


CNC machining centres:

  • HAAS 3-axis VMC (3000 x 1000 x 1000 mm) + demountable 4th axis
  • OKUMA 5-axis (700 x 660 x 560 mm)
  • OKUMA 3-axis VMC (1500 x 660 x 560 mm)
  • OKUMA 5-axis turning-milling centre (1080 x 1000 x 1080 mm or Ø1200 x 1080 mm)


CNC lathes:

  • OKUMA (Ø450 x 1200 mm)
  • CHEVALIER (Ø1000 x 3000 mm)
  • DMT (Ø500 x 1700 mm)
  • Karusel DANOBAT (Ø2800 x 1450 mm)


Conventional machines:

  • Several conventional lathes (from Ø350/1000/1500 mm to Ø900/6000 mm)
  • Conventional milling machines


Measuring and Control Equipment

  • Equipment for non-destructive inspection of welds (ultrasonic, investigations with fluorescent and magnetic particles, penetrant examination)
  • Spectrograph for analysing the chemical composition of the material
  • Other measuring equipment, also for larger items (e.g. micrometres up to 3000 mm)
  • Devices for measuring roughness and hardness of the surfaces
  • Devices for measuring roughness of sand-blasted surfaces
  • Devices for measuring climate conditions (for coloring)
  • Dynamic Balancing Machine for diameters up to Ø1600 mm, weight up to 4,4 Tons, lenght up to ~5m (depends on geometry)


Other Industrial Equipment:

  • Several bandsaw blades for longitudinal cutting of material up to Ø500 mm
  • Press 60 tons
  • Slotting machine
  • Machine for wrapping rods and tubes
  • Cargo vehicle, hatchback and minivan
  • Truck with a trailer to transport larger items and equipment, also for special freight transport
  • Tractor for shorter transportation and movements as well as snow-clearing and sanding
  • Several forklifts with load capacity from 2.5 to 14 tons, electrical forklift 1,4 T
  • Articulating boom lift for working heights up to 15 meters
  • Covered heated work area of approx. 5200 m2, all halls are equipped with lifts and cranes with load capacity from 1.0 to 20 tons
  • Covered unheated work area (tents and canopies) of approx. 1600 m2

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